Week – 10 July 14th-20th

Jul 14th
Alyssa Crisp (Jr) – 620, 715A

Jul 15th
James Roehm – 905A

Jul 16th
James Roehm – 415, 604, 630A

Jul 17th
James Roehm – 555A
Angie Rudisill – 825P

Jul 18th
James Roehm – 150, 620A

Jul 19th
None Reported

Jul 20th
None Reported


Week 9 Harbor Master Tiki Hut Grille Winners

Congratulations to Bill Miller for winning the $100 food and beverage certificate, Charlie Roehm the $50 and Courtney Haddad the $25 certificate to be used this coming Tuesday, July 17th, between 7 and 9PM, at the Bay Pines Marina, Harbor Master Tiki Hut Grille.

Week 9 – July 7th-13th

Jul 7th
Courtney Haddad – 720A
Cayden Crisp (Jr) – 827A

Jul 8th
Courtney Haddad – 655A
Cayden Crisp (Jr) – 728A

Jul 9th
Bill Miller – 945, 1030, 1145A, 515, 545P

Jul 10th
Charlie Roehm – 745, 820, 9P

Jul 11th
None Reported

Jul 12th
None Reported

Jul 13th
Larry Rudisill – 745A