Week 2 Releases – May 21-27

Here are the releases for Week 2 of the 82nd Annual Suncoast Tarpon Roundup!

Last Update: 5/28

May 21 –
Trent Long – 12, 1230,1250,145P
Tyree Coleman – 110P
Anthony Helenek – 5P

May 22 –
Hannah Granger – 1110A
Roger Crank – 515, 545P
Bill Burrows – 620, 735P
Larry Rudisill – 755P

May 23 –
Roger Crank – 7P

May 24
Ryan Murray – 12:25, 1:35, 204A, 1010, 1135P

May 25
Ryan Murray – 1220, 1250A
Tammy Miller – 745P

May 26
Ryan Murray – 350A
Noah Epstein – 250P
Roger Crank – 705P

May 27
Doug Feinberg – 1120A
Trent Long – 330, 430, 5P


Week 1 Releases – May 14 – 20

Here are the releases for Week 1 of the 82nd Annual Suncoast Tarpon Roundup!

Last Update: 20 May 532P

May 14 –
Trent Long – 1210P

May 15 –
Jacob Haddad – 740A
Trent Long – 8, 1130A, 4:15P
Hannah Granger – 845A
Roger Crank – 7:25P

May 16 –
Ryan Murray – 1210, 1232, 1255, 144A

May 17
Trent Long – 945P

May 18
Bill Miller – 930A
Bill Burrows – 928A

May 19
Ryan Murray – 105, 158A

May 20
Ryan Murray – 4:25A
Hannah Granger – 520, 648p





2016 Opening Day!

Cayden said "Pop....Make him Jump!" And he did. And there was much rejoicing.

Cayden said “Pop….Make him Jump!”
And he did. And there was much rejoicing.

Hi Anglers! Happy opening day!

We wanted to say Thank You to all the folks that were able to attend the Captains Kickoff Party on Cinco de Mayo.  It was fun to see longtime friends of the Suncoast Tarpon Roundup as well as a few new ones.  All our  anglers, young and old were waiting to get started and already talking about how many tarpon they were going to catch this year.  I hope you enjoyed all the food and company because it was great to see all of you.

Angler participation is key to having a great tournament.  Regular Division anglers are what really drives the prize ladder as well as the fun and competition, so tell your friends and encourage them to join in the fun so we can keep this great tradition alive and well! Registration is open throughout all ten weeks, so there are no excuses!

We also have about a dozen T-shirts available in limited sizes.  If you are interested, just drop Charlie Crisp a line and we can get them to you.

Good luck to all the ladies competing for the Joy Cup today! We wish you the best & don’t forget to post your photos online for a chance to be featured on our website. #suncoasttarponroundup

Please remember to call in your releases within 1 hour (727) 346-4353 & have a great time out on the water this weekend! 

– The STR Board of Directors