2015 Finale Day Results

STR Finale Day Winners 2015
STR Finale Day Winners 2015. From left to right: Jacob Haddad (3rd), James Roehm (2nd) and Noah Epstein (1st).

Congratulations to all our anglers who braved the rough seas and released fish over the weekend!

On August 1, Noah Epstein released 2 fish, coming in first place and taking home the $5,000 Grand Prize! It’s the first time in tournament history Finale Day has been won from land! Great Job Noah! James Roehm came in second with one release at 6:11 am, and Jacob Haddad came in third with a release at 7:02. All releases were verified with photo or video evidence.

Stephen Corns' release for Jr Finale Day, 2015
Stephen Corns’ release for Jr Finale Day, 2015

Stephen Corns won Junior Finale Day on August 2 with one release. It was a very rough day with Stephen Corns having the only release of all juniors who participated.

Great job to all of our anglers! We’ll see you at the Banquet on August 29th for your prizes!

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