2018 Finale Day!

By placing 1st, 2nd, or 3rd in one of the ten weeks during this years Suncoast Tarpon Roundup you have qualified to participate in the Finale Day fish off this Saturday, July 28th.  We will be having a Captains Meeting on Friday the 27th, at the Bay Pines Marina Tiki Bar and Grille at 7PM.  It will be a short meeting to distribute an ID marker required to be photographed with your releases during finale day.

The Captains Meeting is Mandatory for the Angler or his/her designee or representative.

All other Roundup Rules apply with the addition of the ID Marker and photograph of the release to be sent to ‘Karen Wotring’ <strtreasurer@gmail.com> sometime during the day or at checkin.  Remember your hand must be on the leader with the ID marker and the tarpon in the frame.  For land lubbers the ID marker must be on or near the device being used to cut or break the leader and the tarpon in the frame. Disputes will be handled by the rules committee.

1.Anglers winning one of the weekly first, second, or third place trophies will qualify to fish Finale Day (This year 20 anglers are eligible for Finale Day).
2.The Angler or his designee must attend the Finale Day Captains meeting prior to fishing finale day.
3.A digital picture of the fish being released (digital camera or phone), with downloadable images will be required to be presented at the Finale Day Release Station. Photos and video may be emailed to strtreasurer@gmail.com or downloaded to the STR laptop at the weigh-in.
4.All STR Rules apply during Finale Day. Please call your release in or it will be disqualified.
5.Anglers can fish a maximum of 8 rods.
6.Finale Day begins at 6:00 AM, Saturday July 28th and ends at 3:00 PM.
7.Anglers must return to the Finale Day Release Station (Bay Pines Tiki Bar) by 3:30 PM. If an angler has not checked in by 3:30 their releases will not count for Finale Day Awards.
8.Anglers may return to the Finale Day Release Station (Bay Pines Tiki Bar) by land or by water.
9.The angler registering the most fish released on Finale Day will be awarded a trophy, cash award and will be adjudged the winner. If none are released during Finale Day or the fishing day is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, anglers will try again on Sunday July 29th.
10.There is a $100 Calcutta for those who wish to participate. The entry fee will be collected at the Finale Day Captains Meeting and 100% will be distributed to the winners (50/30/20) at the banquet.

See you Friday, 7pm at Bay Pines Tiki Bar and Grille!