2016 Awards Banquet

It’s been quite a year of tarpon fishing! Congrats to all our anglers, and many thanks to our sponsors for continuing to support the Suncoast Tarpon Roundup, an all release tarpon tournament in Tampa Bay!

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2016 Finale Day


Anglers winning one of the weekly first, second, or third place trophies during the 10-week tournament are qualified to fish Finale Day (i.e. up to 30 anglers may be eligible for Finale Day). All qualifying anglers are listed in the 2016 standings.

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Mandatory Captain’s Meeting

To participate in Finale Day, the angler or his designee must attend the Captain’s Meeting, on July 29 from 7-8pm. All qualifying anglers (or their designee) who wish to participate must sign and return the Finale Day Rules Waiver distributed at the Captains meeting prior to fishing finale day. If the angler or his designee are not present, or do not sign and return the form, he/she will not be qualified to participate.

Captain’s Meeting Details

Week 10 Releases – July 16-22

Here are the releases for Week 10 of the 82nd Annual Suncoast Tarpon Roundup!

Last Update: July 21

July 16
Cayden Crisp -620A, 730P
Charlie Crisp – 710A
Greg McDonnell – 823, 825A
Brett Cameron – 1025A, 1245P
Bill Burrows – 1104A
Anthony Helenek – 1125A
Charlene Roehm – 1220P
Nicholas Stadtler – 1205P
Roger Crank – 6P

July 17
Cayden Crisp – 715A
Trent Long – 535, 555P
James Roehm – 910P

July 18
Bill Burrows – 750A
Tyree Coleman – 1124A
Ryan Murray – 120, 330P
Trent Long – 810, 825, 855, 913P

July 19
Patricia Burrows – 655A
Tyree Coleman – 927A
Trent Long – 650, 715, 745, 840P
Roger Crank – 740P
James Kasper – 858P

July 20
Ryan Murray – 335, 440, 455, 530, 610A, 730P
Noah Epstein – 815, 950A, 3, 345P
Jacob Haddad – 750P
Trent Long – 750, 815, 835P
Cayden Crisp – 855P

July 21
Ryan Murray – 3, 415, 440A
Debbie Miller – 845A
Cayden Crisp – 844P

July 22
Tyree Coleman – 1240P
Cayden Crisp – 244P